A Safer and Smarter World with Surveillance and Analytics

Surveillance recording and analytics are helping to make the world safer through loss prevention, access control, and other forms of physical security. And surveillance is everywhere – in fact, surveillance cameras are now the biggest data generator in the world. Increasing camera counts, higher resolutions, and analytics are putting tremendous demands on security infrastructures, driving needs for more scale, more performance, and the latest technologies. KloudStor employs the latest technology to provide the best solution for your needs.

Featured Benefits

Broad Security Infrastructure Portfolio

From low-end NVRs, to HCI, to petabyte-scale shared storage and archiving, to analytics processing – KloudStor provides solutions for any scale. And our global logistics and support capabilities mean you can rely on KloudStor to deliver.

Best Performance and Density

By leveraging KloudStor’s expertise in video capture and processing, combined with the latest-generation server hardware, we can retain over 600 TB of footage in only 4U of rackspace.

Better Value for Your Investment

Because KloudStor employs current-generation server hardware and cutting-edge software, you will get longer lifecycles and the best return on your investment.

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