Stratus H Series Hyperconverged Infrastructure

The power of server, storage and virtualization in one system.


Server Virtualization

  • Integrated hypervisor based on proven, open source technology with no additional licenses
  • Integrated management to reduce data center complexity
  • Live VM migration
  • Cluster to Cluster Replication
  • Easy migration from physical or virtual environments to Stratus H Series HCI.



Integrated Management

  • Web based UI
  • VM console access from within a browser
  • No separate management server
  • Self-healing including automatic failover of VMs
  • Rolling upgrades and patching with no downtime



  • Software-defined, hybrid storage system
  • High performing spinning disk with optional SSD storage tier
  • Streamlined, direct block-access data path
  • Wide striping across cluster with redundant data placement
  • Thin provisioning, snapshots, cloning


Flexible Scalability

  • Industry Standard Hardware
  • Remote support
  • Mix and match node types after initial cluster with different storage, RAM and CPU footprints
  • Appliance configurations optimized for size, variety of hardware capabilities
  • Turn key plug and play expansion

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