Enterprise Backup & Archive

Enterprise Backup & Archive

Ensure the Availability of Your Production Data with Efficient Backup, Recovery, and Archive Solutions from Quantum

Enterprise-wide data privacy standards continue to get more difficult. Our clients handle huge data development through databases, simulated worlds, and unstructured data sets, and need to follow the company's Service Level Agreements ( SLAs), both the Recovery Time Objective (RTO) and the Recovery Point Objective ( RPO), with budgets that do not expand just as quickly as storage requirements.

And with obligations to defend against security problems, secure data across sites, and provide options for disaster recovery and also against ransomware and other types of cyber-attacks , data security itself has become more complex.

Featured Benefits

Meet Business SLAs

Meet RPOs and RTOs with high-performance flash and disk-based backup appliances, and meet retention SLAs and requirements with ultra-secure, low-cost tape storage.

Protect Data Against Operational Issues, Disaster, and Cyber-attacks

Our solutions are designed to protect your critical applications against not just operational issues and hardware failures, but also against localized disasters by replicating data across sites and protecting against cyberattacks with ultra-secure, encrypted, offline storage.

Reduce Total Cost of Ownership

Reduce backup footprint and spend with an efficient architecture combining disk, de-duplication, tape, and services. And with our intuitive management tools, and advanced reporting and analytics, administrators will spend less time managing backups and restores and more time driving the business forward. Combined with KloudStor’s global services organization, we'll design and implement a solution to meet your specific needs.

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